This Wednesday the 10th of November @ Stutter...

    tv aka clickjaw aka empty folder has also been part of The Professional
    Savage, Syringe Stickup Mama and has done some other stuff.

    Sasha Margolis' solo project. Sifting through the sonic waste and discarded technology left by the roadside of a world speeding too fast into the future. Field recordings, found sound, tape manipulation, noise and effects units. Currently pursuing live and studio created binaural soundscapes and archaic tape based drones.

    Lloyd Honeybrook - Boogiebass
    Gareth Thompson - Boogiedrums
    Lachlan Barwise - Vacuum Cleaner Brutality
    Trev Clay - Arsey Aktions
    Mitch Brennan - Analog Annihilation
    Nik Kennedy - Throat Scraping Destruktion
    Vijay Thillaimuthu - Serious Intensity

Susie's Gone are a band named after some noise that was named after a song. They are also Melbourne's #1 Testicle Candy Tribute Band, slinging their very own brand of ripped-off boogiebrutality and/or woogienoise. Boasting members of The Kill, Bum Creek, Holy Boner, Susie's Gone and Rapex, and people who've worn the shirts of such bands as Sissy Spacek, Mr. Bungle, Sunn O))), Puss Whip Bang Gang and Napalm Death, and friends of people who've heard of such bands as The Beach Boys, Fabio Umberto, Moëvöt, Kiss and Susie's Gone not to mention...I forget where I was going with this. Just come down to Horse Bazaar and nod along as we tear apart your favourite rock/metal/punk hitz.

  • DJ TRISTAN VOX. Abject ectoplasmic bilge and shimmering sovereign speechlessness, burnt black about all edges.

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street
8:30pm $10 (full) + $5 (conc)