Mute Canary Project - Melbourne Tour

forwarded from Pat O'Brien:
If you're not already attending one of the other amazin' events on Saturday Afternoon, this week, come down to Sunshine & Grease at 3pm to see the Mute Canary Project. In somewhat stripped back mode.

*MELBOURNE TOUR - 26th of November - 2nd of December 2010
TMCP + Guests:

Ian Chaplin – Saxophone
Philip Rex – Double Bass
Marc Hannaford – Piano
Pat Thiele – Trumpet
Nashua Lee – Guitar
Stephen Magnusson – Guitar
Eugene Ball – Trumpet
Oscar Garrido de la Rosa – Bassoon
Phil Noy – Saxophone

Uptown Club - 26th of November
Sunshine 'n Grease - 27th of November
The Horn - 28th of November
Bennett's Lane - 29th of November
303 Bar - 29th of November
Bennett's Lane - 30th of November
The Make It Up Club - 30th of November
Horse Bazaar - 1st of December