Superflux - Ovens St - 30 Oct 2010

SUPERFLUXFINAL final show of their Australian/ New Zealand Tour.This performance features Parforette, Metalking and Lafoxe

YOUR BABY IS UGLY Your baby is ugly forms noise scapes of the wilderness, as imagined by a disgruntled guy from the suburbs. Pedals do all the work while the big guy takes all the credit...tapes help too.

RSI bloops and loops made w/ tapes and Nintendo

WAR MACHINE Richard Pilkington performing with the War Machine effects the output of a no-input mixing desk through a customized Max/MSP patch. The sonic results can vary from subtle ambience to harsh brutal noise. The performance is improvised live in response to the inner and outer conditions of the performer and the conflicts and harmonies that arise"
(forwarded from Fjorn)