New stuff on Shame File Music

Ernie Althoff "Colour Chart" CD - 18 recordings of Althoff's solo music machines that are intimate in the sonic detail and delicate percussiveness, as they gently beat away like they were right next to your ear. Limited edition of 100, with unique handmade covers by Althoff

Ernie Althoff "For Two on Blue/Saturday Stories" cassette - Side A is a duo with Warren Burt for environmental sound, found objects and Althoff's unique music machines. Side B was conceived as a radio piece in which Althoff takes us on a journey through Melbourne's Victoria Market and his thoughts about adapting some of the toys he sees there into instruments. Recorded in 1987, only a handful of this classic Althoff tape still remain.
Various Artists "Best Seats in the House! Melbourne Improvisors' Association at the Limerick Arms Hotel, 1991" cassette - This live document of the Melbourne experimental improv scene from the early 1990s includes Graeme Leak, Puppenspiel, Ernie Althoff, Warren Burt and many more. Only a couple of copies left.
Chris Mann "A Machine for Making Sense" cassette - Mann's extraordinary textual/speech performances are rarely available, and this recording from the late 1980s/early 1990s is a compelling example of his "compositional linguistics", where his rapid fire speech creates textures full of cadence and idea-upon-idea that is Joycean in scale. Only one copy left.
Various Artists "Artefacts of Australian experimental music" volume II 1974-1983" double CD - special pre-order deals available for a limited time - out in November.