New stuff on Shame File Music

Tangerine Nightmare - "Synthicide" On a winters night in Melbourne, 2009, three long-time practitioners of drone and noise music came together for an evening of exploration of analogue synthiser sound. Lloyd Barrett, Clinton Green (Undecisive God) & Andrew McIntosh (Screwtape) used a variety of analogue synthiser units and plug-ins to form several long improvisations that ranged from deep drones to roaring waves of oscillator noise. The results were edited down into Synthicide, available on CDR or for free download from Shame File Music - AU$10ppd or download for free

M.A.N.K./Screwtape "Eating Shit for Breakfast/They Hate Us" cassette - M.A.N.K. is Casey's (Ebola Disco, etc.) new Harsh Power Electronics project. "Eating Shit For Breakfast" is an unrestrained and uncontained expectoration of crashing and hissing distortion laced with layers of gut-wrenched shouting and screaming - apparently Taoist affirmations calculated to the Chinese year. The Screwtape side, "They Hate Us", was recorded late last year and is based around samples from Hitchock's "The Birds" combined with heavy, static synth tones. The sound of an unoffending, seaside town of nice, normal people being attacked to death by the nature, red in beak and claw, itself. - AU$7ppd
John Sangster "Marinetti Soundtrack" CD - To celebrate the 40th anniversary screening of the UBU film Marinetti, the music by John Sangster is finally seeing a soundtrack release. Drawing heavily from French Musique Concrete as well as the Avant Garde of Sun Ra and Moondog, Sangster creates a whirling mass of psychedelic mayhem. Marinetti is an amazing and rare insight into the Sydney underground of the late 60s. Twisted jazz and field recording fused with primitive sampling & film dialogue; all echo the motley sound of the acid-stained Down Underground. - AU$24ppd
Coming in November - Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: volume II 1974-1983 double CD. Special pre-order deals and much more at Shame File Music.