This Wednesday the 29th of September @ Stutter...

  • FILMBASE (Superflux - France)
    Lionel palun (video) & Riojim (16mm films)
    Filmbase is a video vs cinema 16 mm live improvisation.
    In a genuine gesture of instrumentist, Filmbase develops a set of rythm and texture research, visual and sound compositions, which gives enter to a new substance...
    Lionel Palun defined is work as electro-video. In Filmbase he does not use prepared image, he refilm ligth sent by Riojim. From the software he has developed, he worked in direct image by filtering feedback, delay and movements. Riojim feeds the equation with his 16 mm films projections. Images are shot and processed at Atelier MTK, a cinema laboratory for artists.

Superflux gather together four improvisers from Grenoble, France who are involved in experimental film, video and sound making for 15 years. Gaëlle Rouard, Lionel Palun, Richarles Bronson and Riojim have been members of the programming team at the 102, a venue dedicated to experimental arts, hosting most of the foremost improvisers of new music. It is natural that their art culture and sensibility turn them toward the practice of improvisation that they understand as a quick and profound reaction to events where each performance is constructed for a particular time and place. Citing Jim Denley, these artists also believe that exploring the moment of creation - when an idea, feeling or gesture is first expressed - is to take part in the most exciting adventure possible, not only for the artist but also for the audience! Gaëlle Rouard and Riojim run the Atelier MTK, a cinema processing facility open to artists who want to experience all the possibilities that film medium have to offer.

    Jean Poole likes to mix live: visual abstractions, music, filmed snippets, lo-fi animation, voices in dialogue.
    His AV set at Stutter will include: compost worms, accordians, winged beasts, plant silhouettes and monkey graffiti.

    The trio together for the first time creating extreme voltage for your eyes and ears. Observe digital and analog synthesis transposed into vibrations and used as a means to accelerate and deflect electrons in a cathode ray tube oscilloscope. Feel the geometry of signal feedback!

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street

$10 (full) + $5 (conc)