This Wednesday the 22nd of September @ Stutter...

  • BEN BYRNE - Signals, mixer, computer and other electronics.
    Ben Byrne’s solo performances of visceral improvisation focus on the relationship between the musician and his equipment as it plays out in any given space and ask the audience to chart their own path as the music constantly emerges from and disappears into a mess of signals, actions and noise.

  • YOLK YOLK - 'when we were kids we used to make pretend spells out of compost and spit in tree stumps. From across half a world we re-unite, two sister stewing with sound. Harmony and dissonance, voices, heavy wonk, echo, doom, song and non-song'.
    Emma Albury (Eko Eko Azarak, ankoku no oto, Leopard Leg)
    Sarah Albury (Bad Orb, Polly Shang Kuan Band, Jettatura, Leopard Leg)

  • LLOYD HONEYBROOK - hate sax /GEAROID BRINN - guitarist, composer, improvisor, sound artist, teacher, instrument builder...
    Debut collaboration performance!

  • DJ EMILE ZILE - youtube 'dj' sets between the acts, mixing up the music videos of some afro / thrash / tropisch / historical / future sounds...

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street

$10 (full) + $5 (conc)