So U Think Ya Can't Dance


WE WANT YOU to be a part of the So U Think Ya Can't Dance contest at Horse Bazaar.

Our aim is to find Melbourne's most enigmatic, harebrained and/or cockamamie dancer, in order to recognize the talent that exists outside of the elite. Let us not forget to mention the chance you will have to win prizes (which are far too incredible to reveal at this point).

Limited spots are available for groups and individuals.

Please confirm your place by sending this stuff in ASAP:
- Your name, and a description of what you do in one sentence (or less?)
- A picture of you, a headshot, or whatever, hi- or low-res: up to you. ((This will be used to form a poster (not for publication) and will be used to identify you during the judging process.))
- The type of music you would be dancing too.

If you are selected you will need to supply us with a track of your choice, which could be anything from pop to extreme noise, 5 minutes maximum.

email to:

We will contact you with further details if you are selected.

FYI-The gigs will run one Saturday a month for two months:
9 Oct, 6 Nov
With a final (date TBC) to take place in December as part of Stutter at Horse Bazaar.

If you'd rather not blow peoples' minds live with your moves, send us in some video footage to be screened between the acts!

(There will be a prize draw for videos too)

Can't wait to hear from everyone, and witness the undoubtable magic!

(forwarded from Amanda Betlehem)