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John Watermann - "Calcutta Gas Chamber" CD Widely thought to be a minor modern masterpiece of post-industrial sound art, Watermann's best-known album is a sonic representation of cold, deathly machines that creak, thump and whine with subtle menace. This is the Cold Spring reissue, featuring Watermann's obscure explanation of the album's origin - AU$20ppd
Ethic Cleansing - "This Means You" cassette Collaboration between Melbourne noise projects Screwtape and Ebola Disco documenting a power electronics piece performed in January 2010. "This Means You" is a structured rant on the looming hell of dementia and the neglect that awaits many of us in old age. Side A is a home recording of the piece, and Side B is the intense live version. - AU$5ppd
Screwtape "Lower Forms of Life" cassette This release sees Screwtape in more drone/ambient form. Side A is created from a recording of fireworks, overlaid with a patented Screwtape drone. Side B uses samples and drones to create a haunting effect ocassionally reminiscent of Screwtape's Teaching Ravens To Fly Underwater release of a few years back.- AU$5ppd

Screwtape "Day of Hell" cassette Screwtape's response to the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires that devastated Victoria, killing over 170 people. Here environmental recordings along with electronics and effects represent that hellish day. - AU$5ppd
Screwtape "You Scum" mini CD Screwtape in power electronics/hate rant mode. Seven tracks of Screwtape's hate-filled rants against the various stupidities of society, accompanied by sampled loops and piercing noise. But unlike a lot of PE, the lyrics are very clear, and with the accompanying lyric sheet, there is no hiding the detail of the subject matter. AU$7ppd
Undecisive God "Archive seven: 2004" 2CD A complete live performance in Brisbane, reissue of the Live Performances tracks, plus a range of previously-unreleased tracks including collaborations with Jodi Rose and New Waver - AU$14ppd
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Various Artists "Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music volume II: 1974-1983" 2CD The much-anticipated follow-up to the acclaimed Artefacts volume I of a few years ago, this double CD set with booklet continues the story of Australian experimental music, and is due for release later in 2010. Watch the Shame File website and/or the new Artefacts blog for more details coming soon, including track listing, cover artwork, audio samples, launch events, and other more general info on the subject of Australian experimental music history.