JOLT 24 Hour performance - call for participants

(forwarded from Belinda Woods via Sean Baxter):

>I'm writing on behalf of James Hullick and Jolt Arts Inc. regarding a 24 Hour performance that is currently being curated as part of the Monolithica, ClickClack Project at Federation Square. We are wondering if anyone would be interested in taking part in this performance, basically volunteering your time (i.e. no performance fees are available).

Here are the details:
Square 2010: A continuous 24 hour piece for live musicians and electronic sound Federation Square 19th - 20th October 5:30pm - 5:30pm

Volunteers will be allocated a 1hr time slot which suits their availability. There will be a 15 minute overlap at either end to allow for interaction. Some basic instructions will be given to each performer/group of performers by James Hullick prior to the start of each act. There will be a fantastic sound system in place and lots of random fun to be had.

At this stage we are hoping to hear back from people about their interest, ideas and preferred time frame for performing. Co-ordination of exact times will then begin and more information will be given to each individual. If you'd like to perform or if you need to know more, just hit reply!

Belinda Woods
Production Manager
ClickClack Project