Everybody Talks About The Weather II - Thu Aug 26, 2010

8pm Thu, Aug 26
@ The Corner Hotel, Swan St Richmond

Everybody Talks About The Weather II feat:
PIVIXKI (Anthony Pateras & Max Kohane)

On the back of last year’s incredible showcase the Ambarchi/Fox/Fusinato/Pateras line up is set to deliver another astonishing feast of sound. Fusinato’s noise maelstrom has been recently refined on-stage in Japan and Pateras is fresh from a sojourn in Silicon Valley where he’s been sharpening his sonic weaponry. This time around he’s joined by legendary Agents of Abhorrence rhythm genius Max Kohane and together they are PIVIXKI. Ambarchi has been working on a 6xLP Alga Marghen release and Fox has cooked up a few new jaw-dropping tricks with smoke, mirrors and, of course, lasers. This is a must see event delivered on one of the best sound-systems in town!