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  • CRAFTWIFE (Japan)
    Craftwife is a girl band formed by a Japanese sound designer Takeko Akamatsu in the summer of 2008. They play 70-80's style techno pop music in the special costume that may reminds you Kraftwerk (though in a miniskirt) . They use iPhones to control an original sound synthesis programs and video sampling system, developed by themselves. Their works cut across the existing fields, such as music/audio, video/visual, programing, design, science, fashion and languages etc.

    Chihiro Butterfly started making tunes from1997.
    Vocal, composer, female artist chihiro butterfly who is acting with vocal ( 4 octave ) track making . original expression is developed in the exihibition and live in the world!!also she's done music for tv commercials, live visual music sets in exihibitions. 1st album (VOICE) from papillon disk2008 APRIL. CHOU(it means butterfly on japanese )presider that image and sound unite party etc... (papillondisk,,Rave,club event, Party) Joined co`mpilation Metalob's label Enmu Interactive compilation Reflection2006.That is Music label to deliver Chill Out Music from Japan to the world. *joined Project label ChillMellow. gosei-f featuringChihiro titleChao 。joined pleq album metamophosis from u- cover label in2009. Chihiro Butterfly is preparing a release on color-music label. color music label loves australia!!

    Erkki Veltheim's one-man grindcore band attempts to prove the alchemical hypothesis by turning gold back into base metal.

    Slawek Janicki and John von Sturmer have developed an improvisational and experimental practice, which seeks to create a total art event. Their work is situational and responsive, seeking to work with immediate and locally-relevant concerns. They are concerned with matters of language and questions of translation across cultural and other divides.

Slawek Janicki comes from a background in musical improvisation generally involving the double bass. He is also a filmmaker and cultural events curator, working also with a number of Art TV channels in Europe and Australia. He operates the legendary performance space ‘MOZG’, based in Bydgoszcz, central-northern Poland.

John von Sturmer has an academic background, and an extensive involvement in Aboriginal affairs. In more recent years he has centralised the notion of performance in his practice, often combining performance texts with a strong visual arts element.

They will be performing with Melbourne based sax player, Kris Wanders. Janicki has been working with Wanders for last 5 years.

(This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.)

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street

$10 (full) + $5 (conc)