Sabbatical Presents: SCUM NIGHT IV

Saturday 24 July Sabbatical presents our fourth ‘Scum Night’, bringing together local groups with a common thread of seductive filth and nasty sonics. Previous Scum Night alumni include Kristkrvstoffiston,Pissbolt, Collapsed Toilet Vietnam, Pathetic Human,Odiusembowel, Fuck, The Retarded Girl, Occult Blood, John Butler Fucks Kids, Screwtape, Ebola Disco, Super Fun Happy Slide and Cult of the Placenta Head. An arousing selection of disgusting projects awaits you on this occasion: Flesh World, Pneumatic Slaughter, The Psychward Cult and Dead Boomers. Hosted by the enablers resident at 717a High Street Thornbury, with doors opening at 7:00pm. A golden coin to enter.