metasonic 2 installation

metasonic 2
Allan's Walk Artist Run Space, Bendigo
24th june – 24th july 2010
opening hours thurs & fri 11-4, sat 11-3
opening celebration sat july 10th 3pm with live music by doubleother

Central Victoria's sound art collective called undue noise has been organising events since 2002. This exhibition, entitled metasonic 2, at Allan's Walk Artist Run Space features works by members of undue noise as part of the local component of the national Liquid Architecture sound art festival.
Following last year’s successful metasonic exhibition at Dudley House, we return with metasonic 2, featuring works involving sound, and sometimes more. Central Victorian artists involved this time are Paul Fletcher, Simon Howard, Bridget Robertson & Jenny King, Annie Piranha, Mathew Underwood, Michael Harkin, Andrew Goodman, Jacques Soddell. They will present a wide range of artworks ranging from simple listening experiences to interactive works, some audio only, others including video.

The pieces in the exhibition are:
A CHORUS OF IDLE FEET Andrew Goodman sound, sensors, interactive
DRUM Jacques Soddell sound, video
EARTH-MOON-EARTH Jennifer King & Bridget Robertson audio, mixed media
BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR Michael Harkin Interactive audio/video
SWAMP ECHO Paul Fletcher Suitcase Landscape Cinema
CATALYST FOR CHANGE Simon Howard audio
BURIED ALIVE Annie Piranha audio
BRING IT ON, BANG A GONG! Mathew Underwood audio

Full descriptions of the works can be found on our blog:

The activities of undue noise and Allan's Walk Artist Run Space are proudly supported by the City of Greater Bendigo.