Hair Stylistics (Japan), Menstruation Sisters + Fusinato lp launch this Sunday!

SUNDAY JULY 25 The Toff, 252 Swanston St Melbourne

Maximum Arousal & Super Deluxe Tokyo present:


Masaya Nakahara is one of the original purveyors and legends of Japanese noise. His musical activity under the Violent Onsen Geisha guise in the 90s made him a noise icon and he currently works under the Hair Stylistics moniker. With the glut of entry-level noisicians knocking out cassettes left right and centre, Nakahara's output has been one of the scenes saving graces. Utilising a vast array of effects and samples, Nakahara manages to create a swarming collage of active soundscapes that are rich in texture, from harsh sound shards to warm bass pulses with alot of humour to boot. The tendency toward silliness extends to his ingenious punning track titles (''Anal Collective'' and ''R.I.P Old Dirty Bath Towel'' are two recent examples) and such humour is what the whole noise scene is greatly lacking. One of his ongoing projects is the brilliantly named duo Suicidal 10cc, with Jim O'Rourke. Nakahara has also written about film and regularly organises and contributes to film festivals in Japan. As an acclaimed writer of novels he has recieved the Yukio Mishima Prize.
This guy is a legend and this is his only Melbourne performance!

This evening also features a rare one-off Melbourne appearance from the Menstruation Sisters.
''Unlike anything book or animal, the M.Sisters destroy wholly'' - Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth.
Menstruation Sisters are more of a natural phenomenon than a musical group. Owing more to the sound of ice melting and eggs hatching than strummed guitars and pounded drums, the Sisters keep one ear on the ground and the other towards the atmosphere. Rather than working within the lines of modern rhythm and structure, they revert towards a primal direction, cutting off the fat and oozing forth only the most natural and unfettered sounds. Naturally, such a technique can be unsettling, as it's not something most humans are interested to hear, or have heard since upright-walking became a viable mode of transportation. This is music for those who kill their own food.

And to top it off Marco Fusinato will be launching his new LP ‘Ambianxe’ out on Sydney label Spring Press. Featuring two live recordings of his incendiary concréte guitar crush from earlier in the year at SuperDeluxe, Tokyo. Fusinato is well known for his art/music crossover that ‘extends the traditional language of the guitar to distressed oblivion, compounding deracinated electronic detritus into over-amplified dreamweapons, unleashing tsunamis of ecstatic free noise’. Bring cash.