Google Calendar for Experimental Melbourne

Thomas Dunstan has been good enough to assist me with setting up a new feature for the Experimental Melbourne blog - a Google Calendar. This lists events in calendar form, so you can browse a week or a month and see what events are on. One of the problems with the blog is that you can't view events in chronological order, only in the order they are posted, so we hope this will make it easier to do this.

You can view the calendar by clicking on the Google Calendar link at the top left of this page, or simply going here. Please note the calendar is only a pilot at the moment. Currently only Thomas and I have access to adding/editing events, but everyone can view it, and if you use Google Calendars yourself you can add events to your own calendar. In future we will look at giving access to other Experimental Melbourne blog authors so they can add their own events as well. Note that the blog will continue as usual, and that I don't envisage the calendar replacing the blog, just supplementing it.

I would really like to get everyone's feedback on this feature over the next few months - if you like it or not, suggestions for improvements, etc. Your response will be significant in deciding whether it becomes a permanent feature or not. Add your comments to this post, or email me directly via the email link at the top left of the page.



bxckxtrxdxr said…
awesome clinton. i was thinking this very thing this morning: that a calendar plugin/widget would be an awesome supplement to the blog. it really helps with getting a chronological perspective on what's coming up, and, hopefully prevent unintentional double-bookings!
Clinton said…
Good point about the double-bookings!
Anonymous said…
good idea.