Saturday, 26 June 2010
6pm- 11pm

Irene Warehouse
5 Pitt Street,
Brunswick, Vic

This will be a big night showcasing some of Melbourne's finest sound artists and musicians!

Acts include: The Pups, Art & Craft, Weekend Pharaohs, Jon and Byron Duo, Red Hymns, Vodnik, Battlesnake, T. Hall, Fregus and Adam, Roller One and Eastern Grey.

Proudly sponsored, supported and organised by the Sound Club.

Entry is a bargain at $5.

Doors open at 6pm and the event will end at 11pm.

Playing order:

------------Band room------------- DJ/Solo Room-------
6.00pm -----Red Hymns---------------------------------
6.30pm ----Art and Craft---------------------------------
7.00pm --------------------------------T.Hall------------
7.30pm -----The Pups------------------------------------
8.00pm ---------------------------Jon & Byron Duo------
8.30pm ---Weekend Pharaohs----------------------------
9.00pm -----------------------Fergus & Adam Roller One
9.30pm ------VODNIK-------------------- --------------
10.00pm -----------------------------Chiara Dj set------
10.30pm ----Eastern Grey-------------------------------
11.00pm ------------------------------All Done----------