Liquid Architecture BENDIGO Sunday 27th June 8pm Old Fire Station View St

(Note Melbourne Liquid Architecture events don't have Lionel Marchetti solo, nor do they feature Golden Fur, so come visit Bendigo for this one as well as going to the Melbourne shows)

Lionel Marchetti

Hugely influenced by the pioneer of musique concrète, Pierre Schaffer, French composer Lionel Marchetti is one of the major figures of musique concrète today. He has been involved with the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) in Paris since 1993, and also specialises in improvisation using microphones and loudspeakers. He collaborates extensively with other artists including Jérôme Noetinger and the multi-discipline group Le Cube. His Bendigo performance will be his only solo performance in the current Liquid Architecture tour (other LA performances are with Yôko Higashi. performer, vocalist, Butoh dancer and choreographer.)

Twelve Dog Cycle

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Taiwan) and Nigel Brown (Australia) pair the breathing limitations of human voice and piano accordion, extending the voice through extreme unconventional technique and the accordion’s acoustic properties through preparations, extended techniques and live electronic manipulation. They have performed in festivals in East Asia, Europe and Australia

Golden Fur

New Music trio comprising Samuel Dunscombe (clarinet/laptop) Judith Hamann (violoncello) and James Rushford (keyboard/viola), who focus on obscure contemporary and 20th century music, as well as improvised performance. In a short time they have built up quite a reputation with works commisioned from artists such as Anthony Pateras, Marco Fusinato and Cat Hope. They are currently completing a European concert tour.