Thursday 13th May: The Night Porter presents:

9pm-Midnight THU 13 MAY
In the city for the Next Wave Opening Launch
this Thursday?
( @ 1000 £ Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale St, )

Afterwards, sail up the street a little further to catch
Plug N Play's monthly night of panoramic visuals @ Horse Bazaar...
[ 397 Little Lonsdale St / ]

This months guests :

Dan MacKinlay [10.30 - Midnight ]
Australia's most nomadic field recordist / gamelan splicing / mixing mutant / - is back! ( briefly)

Expect BASS, sound effects that will be really popular 2 years from now, rhythmic deviance
and a grab bag of recent recordings from unlikely places, spaces and events in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Accompanied by Indonesian video and photo-slide panoramics by Jean Poole.

Video Art Screening by Lauren Brown [ 9-9.30 ]

Le art blurb:

"Ariadne’s tangled bloody mess Anyone who owns a technogadget knows that process of having to disentangle the mess of cords. On a daily basis we unravel our headphone cables, untwist the
laptop power cord, separate the printer from the scanner from the ethernet cable from the toaster. It is the modern condition of having to sort out our bloody technology. Ariadne’s tangled bloody mess reflects this frustrating process, and sets it up as a metaphor for other kinds of disentanglement. It is a slow tracking projection, the unravelling and undoing a knot of red cable. In greek mythology Ariadne gave Theseus a length of red thread to find his way back from the Minotaur’s labyrinth. The term has become a way to describe the methodical process by which we solve problems – a way to talk about logic and order, integral to technology design. "

{ { {{ Plug N Play = wrap-around screen imagery @ Horse Bazaar / 2nd Thursday of every month ( Enjoy 16:9 screen ratios? Try 64:9 ! ) }} } }
Drop a line if there's something visually unusual you'd like to launch / exhibit / experiment with in the months to come. This might include games / illustrations / photoshop tennis / net-based collaborations // live remixing // 'long photos' // ambient video // comic-book + website launches //

Next Up
June 13 ::: European Audiovisual guests..