This Wednesday the 21st of April @ Stutter...


+ LARS GRAUGAARD - ''Lars Graugaard is a composer, flautist, and lecturer with a PhD in the artistic and technological challenges of interactive music and multimedia. He has more than 160 compositions in all genres to his credit, regularly performed in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. He has composed works for stage and cinema, and participates as composer and/or flautist on over 40 CDs for dacapo/Marco Polo, Classico, Centaur, EMI, SONY Classical, CBS, and others. Lars regularly publishes peer-reviewed papers. Consequently, his artistic vision and musical understanding lets him move freely between sophisticated surroundings and popular culture, and his production therefore comprises digital experiments into the latest trends of interactive music, installations and cross-modal forms, as well as popular projects and compositions in the modernistic European tradition from large-scale orchestral pieces to chamber music. Recent endeavours have brought him the vicinity of experimental real-time electronica, with a variety of international projects.''

+ SCATTERED ORDER - ''From the dusty vaults of the legendary M Squared record label lurches that perennial genre busting favourite Scattered Order. This Mark 1 version of the band finds original members and label chief honchos Mick Jones and Michael Tee combining for a sonic assault of samples, noise and guitars in this rare live performance. Witness a brave attempt at DIY reverse engineering as Minidiscs, cassettes and other deleted technology are used to demolish a bunch of new tunes plus old faves like ''Heat'', ''Koo Koo Kamus'' and ''Mass Murder''.''

+ MAKERS OF THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST - ''This quirky late 70's Sydney electronica band has reanimated their deft mixture of the pseudo classical with elements of exotica & gothic pop. Best known for the 1980 underground sensation ''Tael of Seaghors''. Floating watery sounds made by synths and bubblemakers lead into a lilting, gorgeous two-chord progression in 3/4 time and ersazt pirate verse. See original members (Shane Fahey, Peter Richardson and Steve Couri) joined by Cat Colman construct their art-noir keyboard tunes with guitar clouds and microbe electronics in their first Melbourne performances in many years.''

+ DJ ROB MAYSON between the acts!


$10 (full) / $5 (conc)

@Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street