Overground -Melbourne Town Hall - 2 May 2010

Overground at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival 2010
Melbourne Town Hall
Sunday May 2nd, 2pm to 8pm
Tickets: $30 http://http/www.melbournejazz.com/v2010/webpages/event.php?cID=60

Lineup and Running Order:

Bennink/Brotzmann Duo
Pure Evil Trio and Occult Blood
Kingston/Manek Duo
Myhr/Gorfinkel/Fuhler Trio
Chase/Misterka Duo
Salmon/Brown Duo
Carolyn Connors Solo
Golden Fur with True Radical Miracle
The Deadnotes
Pateras/Bennink Duo
Tomlinson/Ughetti/Fox Trio
Vocal Ensemble
De Bruyn/Stern Duo
Showa 44
Ambarchi/Fusinato/Chase Trio
Simon Barker with Bum Creek and Snawklor
Fuhler/Tinkler Duo
Grabowsky/Baxter Duo
Turner/Plagne/Morris/Veltheim Quartet
Embers Big Band