Dave Brown & Kym Myhr gigs - April 2010

forwarded from Dave Brown:
Just letting you know about three shows I have over the next week or so.All three shows feature duets with Norwegian guitarist Kym Myhr and eachshow features different guests who'll also play with Kim and myself as a finale.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tomorrow: Saturday 3rd April 6-8PM @ SUNSHINE & GREASE9 Queens Parade Clifton Hill. Phone: 0431125821.Avenaim, Baxter, Myhr, candlesnuffer Quartet.Kim Myhr & candlesnuffer Duo, Prepared Instruments.Robbie Avenaim & Sean Baxter Duo, Percusssion, Motorized Percussion and Junk.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sunday 4th April 7-9PM @ MONKEY181 St George's Road Fitzroy North. Phone: 9489 5764.candlesnuffer, Garsden, Myhr Trio. Kim Myhr & candlesnuffer Duo, Prepared Instruments.Alex Garsden, Prepared guitar plus.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Saturday 10th April 6-8PM @ SUNSHINE & GREASE9 Queens Parade Clifton Hill. Phone: 0431125821.Myhr, candlesnuffer, Simmons Quartet.Kim Myhr & candlesnuffer Duo, Prepared Instruments.Adam Simmons, saxophones & woodwinds.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------