Tequinox - Pipemakers Park - 21 Mar 2010

forwarded from Ross Bencina:
Tequinox - FAR HQ Studio Opening Sunday March 21st
Tequinox Sunday March 21st 2p.m.
Future Art Research are proud to offer an exhibition and performance spectacular.
Steve Irwin and The Stingray the re-enactment by John-Paul Hussey
Miss Havisham. By Lizzil (Voodoo Trash Dolls)
Robin Cook (Mutoid Waste)
Mbug (dj)
Hardkore Slakness (Mighty Burning Demon) unveiling a brand new sculptural installation.
Lalalullaby interactive sound sculpture featuring Ross Bencina, creator of Audio Mulch.
Robbie Avenaim and his 1600bpm MKS kick drums.
Anthony Sawrey.
Plus more to be confirmed! XX

F.uture A.rt R.esearch is a brand new A.R.I. on the banks of theMaribyrnong. We are a proud new community, come and see.
Plans hatched, Deeds plotted, F.uture A.rt R.esearchFun to be had.
Location:Living Museum West, Pipemaker's Park
Enter from roundabout at Van Ness Ave and Gordon st, Maribyrnong VIC 3032
More details at:http://futureartresearch.org/