Stutter - Horse Bazaar - 10 Mar 2010

This Wednesday the 10th of March @ Stutter...
See the star crossed love triangle that science turned its back on.
Fold is an a/v collaborative platform that has been shape shifting since its inception in 2002. This time veteran journalist and Apollo launch eye-witness Hinch teams up with a trio of imagist poets as they bring together humanity and science for a conversation with ''our dear friends from outer space.''
Morse key, MAX MSP, rubble, VHS, wire recorder, fire, crackle-box, liquids, an epidiascope and you!
  • HOLY BONER AV SET - Lovers of horror and noise, HOLY BONER feat. Brad Smith(drumkit/screams of agony) & Nik Kennedy (electronics/voices from the grave) reprise their collaboration with visual artist Grand Guignol AKA Tina Douglas. + special guest victims Zev Langer(zombie groans) and Diana Szabo (bloodcurdling screams) make the noise to go with it. Lionel will get his revenge!

  • EARLE STUART / SEAN BAXTER - Legendary outsider Hip Hop MC, Earle Stuart (from the incredible Curse Ov Dialect), joined by percussion nut Sean Baxter.

  • DJ CRUMBS (Max Kohane) between the acts!


$10 (full) / $5 (conc)

@Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street

(forwarded from John Jacobs)