Robert Curgenven / Tarab in Castlemaine Sat 27th March

Saturday March 27th sat 8pm ICU - 1 Halford St., Castlemaine, $10
Not such a long drive from Melbourne

Punctum's 2010 SeedPod season at the ICU in Castlemaine opens with The Edge of the Earth by Robert Curgenven in collaboration with Eamon Sprod. More than working instruments of sound in a space, Robert does the extraordinary and plays the space as an instrument. Robert performed in an Undue Noise at the ICU over a year ago and was so inspired by the acoustic qualities of the space and his time making field recordings in around Castlemaine, he decided to return and spend a week researching and 'tuning' the ICU. In collaboration with Tarab/Eamon Sprod, Robert will perform the results of their research at the ICU on Sat 27th March at 8pm. From this experience, Robert will compose a CD which will be released during his forthcoming European tour.

Robert Curgenven's sound explores shifting layers in the fabric of fields of perception, creating vast landscapes from carefully detailed recordings through to immersive resonances via deft manipulations of sound pressure. Operating on the border of analogue technologies, in a variety of contexts from pure field recordings to feedback and instrumental harmonics to shape relations through sound, his work interweaves the unfolding of complex beauty and the quiet brutality of nature. From 1999 he lived in Australia's Northern Territory, where for much of the ensuing nine years he worked in small towns and remote locations in health, radio and the arts. He relocated to Europe at the beginning of 2008. Since returning to performing live in 2004 he has played at over 150 events throughout Australia and Europe, including Club Transmediale (Berlin), Feste dell Acqua (Vicenza), Mikro_Makro Festival (Slupsk), Centre for Contemporary Art (Gdansk), Radial System V (Berlin), Gallery for Contemporary Art (Leipzig), C/O Pop (Koln), Alice Springs Desert Festival, Darwin Festival, Electrofringe (Newcastle), Tura New Music Festival (Perth). He has collaborated with many Australian and international artists including Jörg Maria Zeger (guitar), Katrin Bethge (overhead projections), Andrea Belfi (Hapna), Attila Faravelli (Die Schachtel), Sumugan Sivanesan (Cronica), Jonathan McHugh (Confront), and leading Indigenous Australian artists. He has exhibited solo work at Centre for Contemporary Art (Torun, Poland), O? Gallery (Milan, Italy) and also group work as part of the Transmediale (Berlin), the 10ms (10 Years of Microsound) exhibition at Diapason Gallery (New York), in addition to gallery and non-gallery spaces throughout Australia, in London, France and Germany.

tarab/eamon sprod explores re-contextualised field recordings and tactile gestures formed into dynamic, psycho-geographical compositions inspired by discarded things, found things, junk, dirt, the ground, rocks, dust, wind, walking aimlessly, scratchy things, decay, and most if not all the things he sees and hears. He has performanced and/or collaborated with local and international artists including Camilla Hannan, Thembi Soddell, Ernie Althoff, Eric La Casa and Cedric Peyronnet, and has performed through Australia, as well as in Europe and North America. His composed sound works have been released on Naturestrip, 23five inc., Trente Oiseaux, Compost and Height and Recorded Fields.