plug n play at the night porter

PNPP 1: Thu Mar 11th :
Plug N Play Goes Panoramic

On the second Thursday of every month @ Horse Bazaar, Plug N Play will be curating a range of screen imagery for 'The Night Porter', a night dedicated to all things visual. This will include short films, experimental animations, live performances, workshops, digital illustrations, live net collaborations and other visual games that exploit the long wrap around screen at Horse Bazaar.

First Up?
An eclectic highlight reel of Russian animations and short films from a new online Russian portal ( ), as selected by Ben Sheppee from the Light Rhythm Visuals audiovisual label ( ).

Optical animations by Davidope ( )

Panoramic pixels, ambient music + sound effects library selections by Jean Poole.

8-11.30PM THU MAR 11
Horse Bazaar // 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.