This Wednesday the 24th of February @ Stutter...

  • REALICIDE (USA) - Socio-political DIY gabber punk collective from the US, on its first tour of Australia and New Zealand. Robert Inhuman represents the group who describes it as ''... a catalyst for dialogue and interaction, art as a by-product of a life lived, ethically sober compassion and self-sacrifice as an expression of love, against the hell of human institutions and wants.''
  • MARK N - World Famous, home grown turntablist DJ Mark N masterfully mixes hardcore, drum n, bass, breakcore, hip-hop techno and more ... For the past 15+ years from the creation of Bloody Fist Records till today, Mark has been at the forefront of Australia's underground electronic music.

  • DJ DEFENESTRATION (Lloyd Honeybrook / Fucked) - Hitting it to you in the most eloquent manner.Has collaborated in the past with DJ Kevorkian. What good is a DJ who absolutely hates music?? With special appearances from Ivens, President George Crayle, Whatisrobbie and muhfuhn FABIO UMBERTO!

  • BRAD SMITH (Super Fun Happy Slide / Holy Boner) - Spastic flurries of disjointed blasting insanity dumped in a sea of Kamahl based drone.

  • ABSOLUTEN CALFEUTRAIL - is the solo noise/power electronics unit of Mark Groves (Dead Boomers, True Radical Miracle, Whitehorse, Collapsed Toilet Vietnam). Simple compositions utilising readily available elements: voice, synth, contact microphones, distortion, delay, stress and anxiety.

8:30pm sharp! $10 entry

@Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne