This Wednesday the 10th of February @ Stutter...

Jesse Dimmick is guest programming the lineup which includes:
  • SNAWKLOR - Snawklor is a decade long musical collaboration between visual artists Dylan Martorell and Nathan Gray. Snawklor as a duo make improvised electro acoustic music and sound installation with whatever is at hand exotic instruments, feild recordings, toys and electronics. As a trio with Duncan Blachford on drums they explore the possibilities available only in louder volumes.

  • WHITE ALTAR - Musical project of Jesse Dimmick. Playing extended improvised saxophone loops in the spirit of Terry Riley, La Monte Young and spiritual mountain jams of Tibetan monks.

  • OMEN - aka Hannah Schiefelbein (Acid casualty). Witch craft manifested in the form of hypnotic toy keyboard loops.


$10 (full) / $5 (conc)

@Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne