Cedric Peyronnet (Toy Bizarre) in Castlemaine

On saturday punctum and undue noise present Sonic Spaces - collaborations between 2 central victorian artists and 2 European artists exploring space. On the program

(1) Cédric Peyronnet
Cédric Peyronnet (aka toy.bizarre) is a French sound artist working with field recordings, using the principles of musique concréte, electroacoustic music and acoustic ecology. In his work he explores places via sound recording and sound mapping. His performance tonight is based on his current collaboration with Jude Anderson, Jacques Soddell and Tara Gilbee (I’m Dreaming of a French Meadow/One Square Metre) (see Punctum.com.au). It will feature a solo performance and a duo performance with Jacques. Cédric toured Australia in 2008 for the Liquid Architecture Festival. www.ingeos.org

(2)Jacques Soddell
Bendigo-based sound artist also works with field recordings creating abstract narratives reflrcting journeys through spaces. Jacques will use mainly manipulated recordings of the French Meadow at the Abbotsford Convent and the One Square Metre at Atherton Gardens community garden. Solo and duo with Cedric.

Maldon film and sound maker Simon Howard’s latest film is a journey in and around the outback clay-pans of the 10,000 years dry Lake Mungo. Captured in one continuous shot this footage defines space and motion. The soundtrack recorded live is searing with German sound artist Marcus Schmickler's characteristic intensity. (Simon Howard /Marcus Schmickler)

(4)Simon Howard / live : (remix)
Live performance of live recordings, making improvised sounds re-improvise. Acoustic recordings from the improvised 'Drome' sessions, forced into re-interpretation.

Sat Feb 27 @ 8pm, $10
ICU, 1 Halford St, Castlemaine
for more info contact undue@cajid.com or ring 0421786595