This Wednesday the 25th of November @ Stutter...

Marco Fusinato is guest programming Stutter for the month of November.

In the last installment of HATRED OF FANTASTIC, this week will feature:

  • JUSTIN K FULLER (mum smokes, ZOND) solo performance.

  • ABSOLUTEN CALFEUTRAIL - The Absoluten Calfeutrail project is focused principally on the suggestion of isolated settings, associated trepidation and disquieting states produced by festering anxieties. The initial drive for this undertaking was drawn in 2005 from the stimulation provided by Moebius’ (Jean Giraud) 1977 graphic work of the same name, but has since evolved to draw in inspiration from a range of personal fixations.

  • FORTH IMPACT! - Forth Impact! (alexander garsden: acoustic guitar, samuel dunscombe: laptop) 21st century bush poetry, heralding the Apoc-calypso through ext. technique and Max MSP. Filth and Bilge and Hell.

@ Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

8:30pm $10 (full) + $5 (conc)

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