System Building - Recital Centre - 11 Nov 2009

forwarded from Clatterbox:

An international percussion work of miniature proportions, Rosemary Joy's System Building fuses percussion and architecture on an intimate scale.
System Building features a new series of miniature percussion instruments, the construction of each instrument inspired by one of the venues in which the work is being performed.
Fresh from performances in the Netherlands and Berlin, System Building plays the Melbourne Recital Centre and Sydney’s CarriageWorks in November.
Drawing inspiration from the architecture of Sydney’s CarriageWorks, Radialsystem V (Berlin), Watertoren West (Groningen) in the Netherlands, and the Melbourne Recital Centre, System Building challenges the very idea of a musical instrument.
Astonishing Mexican percussionist Diego Espinosa and Melbourne's wunderkind Eugene Ughetti will perform this minutely staged work for duo percussion, to an audience of only twelve people at a time.
‘Rosemary Joy’s instruments make magical sounds but test the idea of the musical instrument.’ - RealTime
ARTIST: Rosemary Joy
PERCUSSIONISTS: Diego Espinosa (Mexico), Eugene Ughetti (Australia)
Evaristo Aguilar (Mexico) - Berlin only
INSTRUMENT CONSTRUCTION: Adam Stewart and Rosemary Joy
LIGHTING DESIGN: Richard Vabre (Melbourne and Sydney)
Melbourne Recital Centre (Australian Premiere)
November 11, 2009: 6pm, 6.20pm, 6.40pm, 7pm, 7.20pm, 7.40pm, 8pm
CarriageWorks, Sydney
November 23, 2009: 6pm, 630pm, 7pm, 730pm & 8pm
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