Hillingar - Electundra - 14 Nov 09

forwarded from Dreamland Recordings:

HILLINGAR / is the live entity that is Abre Ojos & Zac Keiller.
The shimmering ambient guitar work of the prolific Zac Keiller spans over 10 albums and one of these - Hillingar (nordic for mirage) was put into the hands of Abre Ojos to remix, reinterpret and add layers of sounds from his custom built eurorack modular synthesizer. Three tracks were chosen for treatment and the result is Hillingar - espejismo di yermo- the mirage wasteland (soon to be available online release).
With the tracks resulting in such a perfect marriage of styles, the two musicians have taken it one step further and will be re-creating their ambient drone compositions with a live performance of sound and visuals at the opening day of Electundra ’09.
Hillingar perform on Saturday November 14th @ 3pm sharp. Tickets $12.00.
Be sure to arrive early and catch live performances by Pip Ryan, Jonathon Hutchinson, Benjamin Schmidt and Seb Guzman Ramirez, Nervous Doll Dancing, Max & Isnod, Winduptoys, The Surly Mermaids, AND/OR, Duotone and Psuche.
Details on the festival can be found here: