Undue Noise presents ARTEFACT

Undue Noise presents ARTEFACT
Sat 10 Oct 8pm $10
Old Fire Station View St Bendigo

Your only chance to hear the full version of the Artefact Tour in Victoria. Last week's Stutter performance was just a teaser. And Bendigo isn't that far away.

Melbourne field recording based sound artists Camilla Hannan, Thembi Soddell, and Tarab (aka Eamon Sprod) recently visited Adelaide, Alice Springs, Darwin and Perth to record and perform before returning to Victoria. They developed a sonic map reflecting the vast sonic contrast that can be found throughout Australia, their individual perceptions of their journey, and their distinctly separate approaches to sound performance and composition. Their performances included the Totally Huge Music Festival in Perth, including a live to air performance on ABC radio’s New Music Up Late show on Classic FM.

Thembi Soddell is originally from Bendigo and is about to embark on her second international performance tour (17 gigs in Europe with cellist Anthe Caddy). Her volatile sonic worlds morph, shift, rupture and dis-rupture into filmic atmospheres with a distinctly disquieting edge. Contorted into unreal environments and luscious masses of sonic textures, her sound palate sources field recordings, instruments and electronics to be suggestive but often unidentifiable. Her compositions exploit the dynamic extremes, toying with the listeners’ sense of expectation and generating anticipatory suspense. "Soddell's work with dynamics is extremely accomplished, alternately forcing close attention and then rewarding it with shocking explosions of activity that bring any absent-minded trains of through right back into a brutal present" http://cajid.com/thembi http://www.myspace.com/thembisoddell

Camilla Hannan digitally processes raw field recordings into abstracted representation of a site. She is interested in the way field recordings become 'essences'. These manipulated sounds may not be recognisable in their source, but as sonic textures, which become iconic representations of a particular time and place. "A very visceral experience indeed, one that both teased and tormented the senses..." http://www.camillahannan.com

TARAB (aka Eamon Sprod) has been working on the fringes of the Melbourne sound world for the last eight years, primarily examining the interplay of field recordings and sounds generated from found objects. His work explores the possibilities of personal chartings and reactions to the urban environment, revelling in the decay and detritus to be found there. Interested in more than documentation, tarab attempts to sonically trigger, form, and recreate the interior environ- ments which occur through our interaction with the commonplace and often overlooked. "tarab reinterprets the physical detritus of the landscape within a hypothetical topography where dirt, soot, and smog emerge as privileged materials, in to which he has grafted the potential for a transcendent response". http://www.23five.org/tarab http://www.myspace.com/tarab3058


Dean Stanton’s new Bendigo project, Primidian is a live experimental 3 piece exploration utilising junk, old technology and home-made instruments. Improvised and semi-danceable

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