Hiddensounds - Horse Bazaar - 7 Nov 2009 (early)

forwarded from Jordan Lacey:


Horse Bazaar presents
hiddensounds, Infinite decimals & Bulke.

A night of sonic exploration at Horse Bazaar on Saturday the 7th November from 6pm to 9.30pm.

Hiddensounds (www.myspace.com/hiddensounds)
is the audio-scrawl exploration of Jordan Lacey. Frequency beats. Buttons holding secrets. Knobs and faders telling lies. Fretted instruments stroked. Silence. Noise. The sounds underneath. Three veg and mash. Happy Accidents. On the night exploring highways, rivers and crowds.

Amplified string duo Infinite Decimals (Barnaby Oliver / Don Rogers) (www.myspace.com/infinitedecimals)
produce waves of vertically complex sonic texture filled with phantom melodies and psychoacoustic surprises. Intellectual concentration, anti-rationality and sustained physiological effort obliterate mind-body duality to produce organic and richly detailed auto-compositions.

Bulke (Pradip Sarkar & Jordan Lacey) (www.myspace.com/bulkesounds)
is a blend of dub-tech, bassline, and krautrock, geared towards the dancefloor with tracks varying from midtempo electronic ballads to 130 BPM four to the floor beats. The band was built on the basis of a love for the electronic sounds coming out of Berlin. Bulke will be joined by Prem CJ on Electronic Tabla.

Paul Rodgers, a.k.a. Arnold Eye Irons, avant-projectionist & VJ will wave his fingers through all three acts, and DJ post-punk sounds on the in-betweens.

Where: Horse Bazaar
When: Saturday 7th November 2009
Time: 6 – 9.30 pm
Cost: $5