Experimental Music at the NGV #3 - 18 Oct 2009

forwarded from John Nixon:


SUNDAY 18 OCT 2009


Ian Potter Centre
Federation Sq Melbourne
The theatre is behind the bookshop

The third in an occasional series of experimental music concerts featuring Melbourne visual artists will be by Marco Fusinato + ALWAYS. Both these solo performers use improvisation.
Marco Fusinato brings the electric guitar and electronics together to shatter the aural space using both the maximal and the minimal – his distortion is pure noise.

LP launch

Marco Fusinato
“Ripping Skies”
No Fun Productions USA
12” LP (available from the artist @ $20)

Alex Vivian is ALWAYS. He brings his voice as a primary musical source using two microphones together with two delay pedals, creating an eerie, jumbled, Dadesque musical experience.

“ALWAYS, Aolwayse, Orhlweighs, Al(daddy)ways is the ever evolving sound project of Alex Vivian. Wholly based on the element of chance and fragments of ideas (whether 'original' or stolen from overheard sounds from a sauna, a starved daddi eating his first meal in 2 weeks, meeting of slave/ master master slave, whyte label techno), ALWAYS creates a mess of thoughts and feelings that cancel each other out, complement, work up and flatten......” AV