Undivided - Northcote Social Club - 18 Sept 2009

Forwarded from Gina McKeon:

Undivided & PBS Present:
Creating Cinematic Scores. Live.
Friday September 18 - Northcote Social Club

Here’s something new. Something that's exciting. Something that is finally giving
local musicians and young filmmakers the chance to do something different.

UNDIVIDED showcases the reconstructive power of sound by subjecting a single
piece of cinema to several live score interpretations written by a diverse range of
sound artists and musicians.

Performers will be presenting their individual music scores live on the night, as well as playing sets from their own back catalogue. Documentary shorts of the
composition task will also screen throughout the evening, giving us an exclusive
peek into the creative process.

UNDIVIDED is launching on Friday September 18 at Northcote Social Club with:

Geoffrey O'Connor (SLY HATS)
Philip Brophy
proudly presenting a short film by Sarah Tamara Kaur.

www.northcotesocialclub.com.au and at the NSC Box Office on (03) 9486 1677