David Chesworth Ensemble - Recital Centre - 19 Sept 2009

forwarded from David Chesworth:

Just letting you know about a concert of all new work by David Chesworth Ensemble. You may
not have seen us around for a while but we’ve certainly been busy in the last couple of years including performances in the UK, Paris, Sydney and Brisbane. Plus all the players have been busy on projects that have taken them far and wide.

We’ve grown in size too, becoming an eleven piece ensemble.

David Chesworth – electronics, Andrea Keeble – violin, Michelle John – cello,
Jeremy Alsop – bass, John McAll – piano, Simon Myers – trombone,
Peter Neville – percussion, Eugene Ughetti – percussion
and welcoming Robert Goodge – guitars, Joanne Kuluveovski - vocals,
and Melissa Webb - vocals, taisho koto, khaen

This year we’ve been working on a new full-length work Vanishing Tekopia which is scored for voice and a large ensemble of instruments and electronics (including the taishogoto, a Japanese harp). The unique sonorous textures of the ensemble, richer still with the added instrumental colours, create driving themes and polyrhythms in seductive settings of Ursonate-like word songs.

The Salon at Melbourne Recital Centre has limited seating so get in early if you’d like to catch us.
Melbourne Recital Centre
Saturday September 19 @6pm.