un Magazine call for proposals

un Magazine welcomes and encourages proposals for articles and reviews related to experimental music and sonic practices:

Call for Proposals
un Magazine
volume 3 issue 2

un Magazine – Melbourne’s leading independent magazine for writing on contemporary visual art. un
Magazine fosters and offers opportunities to promote independent and critical thinking regarding
contemporary art in all media. Focused on artists, writers, artist run and independent projects and
contemporary art communities, un Magazine is an important platform for the dialogue of ideas
extending from the local into national and international contexts.

We welcome proposals for contributions including but not limited to: criticism or review of recent
contemporary art projects, exhibitions and publications (taking place in the previous five months);
interviews; essays and features on topics of current debate; and experimental contemporary art
practice engaged with text, writing or publication modes of display.

For this issue we are particularly interested in: writing that engages with multidisciplinary
practice and art outside the gallery (i.e. site-specific work, performative practices, etc.); styles
of writing ranging from the critical and analytic to creative and fictional or speculative;
interviews; artist pages; art as text and collaborations.

All proposals must be submitted using the attached guidelines and application form (attached to this email) or available at:

Deadline for proposals: 24 July 2009

All submissions and editorial enquiries should be emailed to the Editor, Phip Murray: phip@unmagazine.org
please do not send extended or finished texts without prior consultation

We are able to offer a one-to-one mentorship for a select number of contributors. The mentorship program offers the benefit of working with an experienced art writer in the drafting and development of your writing for publication.