Infinite Music Machine: gig + workshop

Infinite Music Machine at Westspace Gallery

Thursday 16 July, 7.30pm
Peter Blamey/ Rosalind Hall/ Dale Gorfinkel
and then with special guests Arek Gulbenkoglu + Laura Altman (Syd)
automated contraptions, electronics, percussion, modified wind instruments

Interactive Instrument Building Workshop:
Sunday 19 July, 3pm

Ben Kolaitis, Hall, Gorfinkel
build, play, and have fun! all ages most welcome. no need to bring anything.

Saturday 25 July, 7.30pm
Matt Earle (Bris), Hall, Gorfinkel

automated inventions, electronics, guitar, surprises

$10 donation

West Space: 1st Floor, 15-19 Anthony Street, Melbourne
ph 03 9328 8712
Installation open Wednesday to Friday 12-6pm, Saturday 12-5pm