Seaworthy - Stafford St - 13 June 2009

forwarded from Fjorn:


Seaworthy, Snawklor, Quaker, Microvom
starts at 4pm, $4
at 38 Stafford Street

Seaworthy formed in 2000 to explore melodic and experimental approaches to the construction (and unravelling) of minimalist sound scapes from looped guitar, warm drones, piano, electronics and field recordings.

Snawklor is a decade long musical collaboration between visual artists Dylan Martorell and Nathan Gray. Snawklor make improvised electro acoustic music and sound installation with whatever is at hand exotic instruments, feild recordings, toys and electronics.

Quaker/ pip and dennis/ Australia/ constant name changers
beautiful quiet jazzy vocals up against violent trems and wails

lach and sean deliver multi sensory experiences- throbs, drones, loud speaker announcements, jane fonda and family holiday photos

you can get to the warehouse by catching the train ( hurstbridge line, get off at Victoria park and its a 5 min walk)
or catching some form of bus- the 207 or some bus that goe sto kew or box hill