Lucky Number: the music of Syd Clayton - Iwaki Auditorium - 17 July 2009

Syd Clayton's (1939-1994) work has been described as magical, achieving a Zen-like veneer of simplicity that masks a deep complexity of ideas both musical and philosophical. Using a toy roulette wheel and chance operations to compose with, Clayton occupies a unique place in Melbourne's experimental music history.
Lucky Number director Barnaby Oliver challenges a new cast of performers from Melbourne's experimental music community to interpret Clayton's music in a fashion that is both true to the original spirit and injects new energy. Featuring: Adam Simmons, Mark Cauvin, The Crystal Set, Clinton Green, Barnaby Oliver. Visuals and projections by Hugh McSpedden Lucky Number is a rare, one-night-only exploration of one of Melbourne's most neglected composers that is not to be missed.
Friday, 17 July 2009, 7pm
Iwaki Auditorium, ABC Centre, Southbank Blvd.


at 67 one usually finds onself in the early hours of night - thinking on times gone by and persons one got to know, syd was one of those interesting individuals. I often ran into around town starting in mid 60s. last time i saw him was at his place in (i think) Inverloch or was it Wonthagi? in the late 80s when Shelton took me over to see him. on a whim i typed his name into google not really expecting anything to come up. Good to see he and his work lives on. he was a very lovley guy.
karl gallagher
Clinton said…
Thanks, Karl. It was a pleasure to be involved with this concert of Syd's music. Many people who knew him were there and you could feel their love for him.