Low Set

Within Earshot RMIT Sound collective will in 2009 be hosting two events, Low Set and Stated Sound.

Thursday July 16
6-9 pm sharp
Open Space Gallery
Rear of Eckersley's
97 Franklin St, Melbourne.
$5.00 entry, no pre-sale tickets
(get in early last year was a sell out event)

To begin your Thursday evening, Within Earshot gives you 'Low Set', a rare dynamic showcase of RMIT students in collaboration with artists from abroad, tightly packed between two P.A's and multiple points of video projection, Low Set is out to show with full volume the activities of artists from RMIT.


Kusum - Robbie Avenaim - Sean Baxter / 2 x Drums and screaming voice
Robert Mayson / Guitar and effects
Que Nguyen / Live Vocal and helium processing
Jon Hunter / Spring reverb and guitar
Tessa Elieff /Low Set sound arrangement


L.A Dibben
T.R Carter
The Gaylord Sisters: Lee Anantawat, Zoe Scoglio. Bbusadee Leomanach-Areon
Jess Mc Elhinney

See you there!
Low Set and Stated Sound are brought to you by Within Earshot in association with Liquid Architecture and RMIT Union Arts.