Tuesday, May 26th @ the Make It Up Club

The final night in our series of special events for May is a celebration of wooden woodwinds. Featuring some of Melbourne’s most daring and adventurous improvisers, expect to expand your ears and eyes with the sonic possibilities of this humble, instrumental family. Often dismissed as the sonic wallflower of the Orchestra, woodwinds have nevertheless remained the backbone of Classical Symphonic timbre because of their organic resonance and adaptability in complimenting the varied sound-worlds of the other orchestral sections. In the hands of these performers, the richness and flexibility of the genus will smack you in the brain, with a series of solos, duos, trios and other confabulations, where extended technique and improv virtuosity will reign.
  • Jim Cuomo (clarinet) (USA)
  • Sam Dunscome (clarinet)
  • Martin Mackerras (clarinet)
  • Natasha Anderson (contra bass recorder)
  • Brigid Burke (bass clarinet)
  • Tony Hicks (bass clarinet)
  • Tim Pledger (clarinet)
  • Tarquin Manek (clarinet)
  • Aviva Endean (clarinet and bass clarinet)
  • Chris Young (bass clarinet)
  • Karen Heath (bass clarinet)
  • Adam Simmons (contra bass clarinet)
  • Joanne Cannon (bassoon)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:00 pm for an 8:30 start

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09/06: Quiver
16/06: Robbie Avenaim and David Brown
23/06: Holy Boner with Yoshi Hongan (Japan)
30/06: Shoeb Ahmad and Evan Dorrian (ACT)