This Wednesday the 6th of May @ Stutter

  • golden diskó ship (DE) is a one girl band from Berlin. A mix of an original and personable guitar style, found objects, toy instruments, computer beats & sounds and layered vocals with selfmade video projections, drawing you into a unique, beautiful and immersive world of music and song. "a chaotic, organic and original music world." "…dreamy, experimental folk electronica, sounds like walking on the beach with the sun in your eyes."
  • Sun God Australia is a collision of dual-schizophrenic breakdowns from three TV generation left-behinds yearning for warrior satisfaction and a world not-thier-own. The members are Jensen Tjhung (Deaf Wish), Nick Lane (This Is Your Captain Speaking) and Dane Certificate (Dane Certificate). Using the tools of portable turntable, foreign cassettes, guitar, singing, spontaneous seizures, percussion and feedback loops, the air time live in Horse Bazaar is a primitive galactic message from the streets - broadcast all glassy, static and unrealistic to short range audience of dozens and less via outer deep - space.
  • RCKTSRGRY - Tina Douglas (Wii/Laptop) + Nik Kennedy (Electronics) - Deep space transmissions. Satellites talking to each other. Hiding in the engine room of a spaceship. Power tool dissections in zero gravity.
  • dj sets by MATTHEW BROWN between the acts!

@ Horse Bazaar 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

8:30pm start $10 (full) + $5 (conc)
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