James Rushford / Joe Talia Album Launch 21.5.09

hursday, 21 May Sabbatical presents the launch of our thirteenth series release, Palisades by Melbourne based duo James Rushford & Joe Talia (SBB013). This cavernous electroacoustic fabrication finds its heart in exploration of the unforeseen voices of their selected instrumentation and devices. These include prepared violas, autoharp, spring reverb tank, and various metal objects. The ensuing extended compositions incorporate elements of ethereal drone and instrumental concrète, with stasis as a recurring theme. James and Joe will be joined on this occasion by a series of duo performances from Thembi Soddell & Anthea Caddy, Forth Impact! and Witness Girl. Hosted by the Old Bar (74-76 Johnston Street Fitzroy Victoria), with doors opening at 8:30pm, action from 9pm, and six dollars in.