Tuesday, April 21st @ the Make It Up Club

A bumper lineup, including a special noise set from Johnny Saw Horses whilst Jess Pinney makes a whirlwind return to her home town from studies in London; Solo bass clarinet magic from a Melbourne veteran; Intoxicating loops with extended techniques from Nick and Cesar; And a duo of free-abstraction, featuring Sydney’s most exciting emerging contra bass talent and the genius who is Rodney Cooper.
  • Johnny Saw Horses featuring Jess Pinney (noise) and James Rushford (noiser)
  • Tony Hicks (solo woodwinds)
  • Nick Martyn (drums, extended percussion and loops) and Cesar Rodrigues (guitar, laptop and loops)
  • Rod Cooper (hand sculpted instruments) and Mike Majkowski (Sydney) (double bass)

The Make It Up Club
www.myspace.com/makeitupclub Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm

Coming up:
28/4: Triad (Brisbane/Hobart); Jeff Henderson (NZ)/Rory Brown (Syd)/Mike Majkowsky (Syd)/Kris Wanders/Robbie Avenaim/Sean Baxter; Absoluten Calfeutrail
5/5: Modular Synth mini-fest (featuring VicMod, Stephen Richards and Matthew Brown)
12/5: MIUC presentation for the annual Melbourne Jazz Fringe Festival
19/5: Grimcore mini-fest (featuring the Psych Ward Cult)
26/5: Woodwind mini-fest (featuring Natasha Anderson, Martin Mackerras, Tarquin Mannek, and many more!)