Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Tuesday, April 21st @ the Make It Up Club

A bumper lineup, including a special noise set from Johnny Saw Horses whilst Jess Pinney makes a whirlwind return to her home town from studies in London; Solo bass clarinet magic from a Melbourne veteran; Intoxicating loops with extended techniques from Nick and Cesar; And a duo of free-abstraction, featuring Sydney’s most exciting emerging contra bass talent and the genius who is Rodney Cooper.
  • Johnny Saw Horses featuring Jess Pinney (noise) and James Rushford (noiser)
  • Tony Hicks (solo woodwinds)
  • Nick Martyn (drums, extended percussion and loops) and Cesar Rodrigues (guitar, laptop and loops)
  • Rod Cooper (hand sculpted instruments) and Mike Majkowski (Sydney) (double bass)

The Make It Up Club Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm

Coming up:
28/4: Triad (Brisbane/Hobart); Jeff Henderson (NZ)/Rory Brown (Syd)/Mike Majkowsky (Syd)/Kris Wanders/Robbie Avenaim/Sean Baxter; Absoluten Calfeutrail
5/5: Modular Synth mini-fest (featuring VicMod, Stephen Richards and Matthew Brown)
12/5: MIUC presentation for the annual Melbourne Jazz Fringe Festival
19/5: Grimcore mini-fest (featuring the Psych Ward Cult)
26/5: Woodwind mini-fest (featuring Natasha Anderson, Martin Mackerras, Tarquin Mannek, and many more!)

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