This Wednesday the 18th of March @ Stutter...

  • Gauntlet is Alex Vivian, Simon Taylor and Christopher L G Hill and is of the spawn of many hordes, including Krystoffkrvstoffiston, GUGG, Always, 116thheaded, Moffarfarrah, Paeces, CTV, Bone Sheriff, Faeces, St John's Ambience, etc. We are bleak nothingness channeled through dull light, Pure Grey Metal Ambivalence!!!!!!!! tre Evil!

  • Clickjaw (from Syringe Stick Up Mama and The Professional Savage) will perform a Professional Savage show. Probably the last Prof Savage show in Australia for a long time. One of the best local hip hop acts around. A must see before he goes O/S indefinitely!

  • Pig&Machine (Melb / Osaka) - Harsh noise laden fuckcore duo with vocals, electronics and guitar.

  • Bum Creek (Maybe the last show before they tour Japan) - ''...Bum Creek find the truth and tell ugly lies with gorgeous sounds. They lie down and float on the surface of the waters of Bum Creek and flow to you, to you...''

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
8:30 PM start
$7(Full) + $5(Conc) on the door

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Coming up next week...Robbie Avenaim CD Launch featuring Robbie Avenaim solo, Scott Tinkler/Sean Baxter duo and Golden Fur with Marco Fusinato