Soundbytes 3

Friday the 27th of March will see the return of the successful SoundBytes chip shows!

This is set to be something quite special as we have confirmed Jim Cuomo from U, S and A. Alongside Jim will be SoundBytes veteran 10k as well as Maddest Kings Alive, Derris-Kharlan, Astro Zombies as well as the Slurry Beats Collective throwing down DJ sets between live acts.

Jim Cuomo started using computers when the operators had white coats and the computer took up several floors. After composing a variety of different music - jazz, classical, musical, military ... he was asked to write music for video games in the 1980's . The result was a long list of popular games :

Defender of the Crown, Sim City, SlamDunk, Ole, Jigsaw, International Cage Match, S.W.A.T., Zombie, S.D.I., Serenade, Astarte, Expressing

He uses the Amiga (1985) the Oric (1983), the Canon X-07 (1982) and the IBM 7090 (1967!?!).

Jim Cuomo is also playing at 303 Northcote : 25 March Wed 9 p.m. : $10