ROD COOPER + The Charles Ives Singers SUNDAY 22 MARCH 2009 2:00pm at the NGV

The second in an occasional series of experimental music concerts featuring Melbourne visual
artists will be by Rod Cooper + The Charles Ives Singers
Rod Cooper is an artist, instrument builder and performer. He transforms traditional instrument
designs into new metallic hybrids. Played intuitively each instrument has a large range of sounds,
incorporating percussion, bowing mechanisms resonant springs and acoustic noise. The hollow
metallic construction of his instruments create a unique timbre – these sound chambers covered in
springs and strings produce an acoustic resonance that is large in scale and in sonic texture. “My
compositions come from the objects I build. The instrument becomes the composition” RC
The Charles Ives Singers are: David Palliser Horns, Alexis Ensor Horns, Victor Meertens Humanofon/
Goatafon & Horns and homemade instruments, whose music is composed mayhem, sometimes out
of tune but with heart. Unrepeatable, spontaneous, untrained creativity, rough, flawed, The group
wishes to marry sound & visual art in a juggernaut of zestful good humour.