Call for proposals - Guildford Land Gallery

forwarded from Stella Gray:


GUILDFORD LANE GALLERY invites artists, curators and individuals to submit

their ideas for THE WEDNESDAY PROJECT. We have dates available in the

near future so don’t delay!

What is The Wednesday Project?

The Project is a weekly event held amongst the exhibitions at Guildford Lane

Gallery with the intention of fostering marginal, peripheral and/or ephemeral art forms, as well as critical forums. It encourages exploration and collaboration; cross-discipline, cross-genre, cross-media, you name it!

To give you an idea of its scope, the Wednesday Projects thus far has involved

experimental music, sound, sculpture, installation and performance. It could also include lectures, performance poetry, philosophical discussions, screenings, contemporary dance or live artworks.

Does your idea fit The Wednesday Project? Most likely!

Criteria for Inclusion:

Collaborative and/or Mixed Media works preferred


Well-constructed for an audience; timing and performance/presentation

methods for each event must be planned accordingly. This does not

mean highly finished, works in progress are fine, particularly if you are

seeking audience interaction/feedback.

Each programmer is encouraged to produce a series of Wednesday evenings, usually held one month apart. This requires that the presentation progresses or changes in some way, so that you are not presenting a repeat performance each event. The series may include 3 – 6 events. Consideration will be given to projects that request consecutive weeks programming or other scheduling requirements.

How does it work?

The Gallery and its incredible team of volunteers provide the following in-kind


A space amongst an exhibition on 1 of the 3 floors

PA Equipment (an in-house operator will be available for a fee of $22/hour), HD projector & DVD players (subject to booking)

Electronic publicity & a simple hard copy flyer

A pay bar

Door staff

Programmers/artists are responsible for producing their event from start to finish and conducting some publicity. Please note, the Gallery does not pay

artists/programmer fees, nor reimburse for costs associated with running a

Wednesday Project event. Programmers may request a donation door entry

from the audience, not exceeding $5. In addition, programmers are asked to put down a $300 insurance deposit.

The gallery is open mon-fri 10-6 and you are encouraged to come in and check out the spaces. Feel free to test the acoustic and make some noise too! Just let us know when you plan to drop in.

It is important to remember that Projects occur amongst exhibitions, which

requires some flexibility. If you have particular requirements that may impinge on this aspect please specify these elements in your proposal.

Submissions should include:

Conceptual description

Physical description (appearance, materials and equipment included)

Equipment required (please specify whether already acquired or not)


Relevant support material (images, video, audio, etc.)

1st and 2nd preferences of dates (all Wednesdays of course!)

We look forward to hearing from you!!

Direct submissions to Stella Gray - or 0422 922 366


bxckxtrxdxr said…
Sorry Clinton, that miuc login post was from me, so here's the comment again:

Hey Clinton, without intending to cause disention, if heard reports from people who've organised stuff at the Guildford lane Gallery and it hasn't worked out that well. I'm thinking of Rod Cooper and Dale Gorfinkle most recently. So I'm not sure how sincere Guildford is in it's commitment to experimental music in Melbourne.

And their requirement for the program organisers to brunt the costs is pretty rich if you ask me.


Clinton said…
No worries, Sean, that's good to post that feedback. I just posted the info on their behalf FYI of the community.
Dear Clinton,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond to Sean's comments regarding The Wednesday Project, as the Manager of Guildford Lane Gallery. I can appreciate his concerns and would like to make the following information available to everyone.

Dear Sean, Clinton, Artists, Contributors & Readers of the Experimental Melbourne blog,

Firstly, in an attempt to clarify our intentions, here is the story behind The Wednesday Project. The concept is that of the Director Robert Cripps, who believes in providing a space where new ideas can be tried in front an audience and offered for feedback. These ideas can be presented through music, a forum, dance, film or by other means, in the hope that they will inspire discussion and further exploration. We particularly encourage projects collaborating across media to bring people of various disciplines together.

Guildford Lane Gallery hopes to provide a space where unusual and unheard of projects can come to fruition and where support can be offered to artists otherwise struggling to find a venue for their work. We hope to encourage the wider community into our space; to involve writers and philosophers; to welcome anyone with an interest in new ideas; something of an incubator.

As a privately owned Gallery, we stay afloat by hiring out our spaces. Realising that there is not much money to be made via experimental projects, our time, space and resources (wherever possible) are donated to The Wednesday Project. We hope that this makes it worthwhile for artists to bring their ideas to an audience. The Project operates on a $0 budget, but to make sure that it is accessible to anyone that wishes to attend we keep entry to a donation and 100% of the door donations go to the artists. The Gallery, who has recently had its liquor licence granted, recovers some costs through drink sales. In light of this situation, The Wednesday Project may or may not be suitable to projects that already have an established audience, that already attract an income elsewhere. It is mostly for those risky projects that require a space for trying out and a willing audience to offer feedback and discussion; for projects that have a future or room for development within the Gallery environment.

The costs we have left to the artists (hiring a PA technician & a refundable bond) are for the following reason. The Gallery purchased $10 000 worth of PA and AV equipment because a considerable number of projects were going to require it and the majority or the artists could not afford the hire costs. We do not want the artists to face responsibility should anything go wrong with the equipment, so a technician is necessary. If artists require the PA equipment we can therefore only supply it at the cost to hire the technician. This is unfortunate, however if anyone knows a technician who would willingly donate their time to the cause let us know! The refundable bond ensures that we only encourage artists that take their project and the Gallery's contributions seriously and act with respect of the risks we all take, it also ensures that the space is returned to the condition in which it was found.

Thank you for allowing us to have this discussion openly, respecting the confidentiality of the artists involved. We welcome you to come along to The Wednesday Project to see it for yourselves and support the other artists that are braving audiences for the first time. We also welcome your feedback on how the Project can be improved upon or how it can become more beneficial to artists and viewers. It is a learning experience for us all.

Tonights Wednesday Project is Forest. The final session of Forest is next Wednesday 11th March.

Forest determines the defining point between the creation and completion of an art and music piece, and utilizes the process of creation as a completed work in itself. Visual artist Audrey Alcala, Music Composer Evan Lawson (clarinet, percussion and voice) and Megan Clune (clarinet and melodica) collaborate in an improvised performance and live art piece.

Doors Open 6pm, Performance 7pm. Entry by Donation.

I look forward to hearing your response.

Kind Regards,

Yolande Pickett